Hi everyone, having over 5 blogs is hard to keep up with so I have merged all my sims stories into one, The old updates will stay on here but I will be updating on my main site from now on. I will stay be Updating my stories on Saturdays.

Round 11, Family 6- Nakamura

My wife fixed the dolls house

She worked on her books

My children are such good students

I went fishing

My wife played dolls with our daughter

Owen enjoys creating

My daughter was soon a teenager, where has the time gone. She’s a geek and wants to be a bodybluilder.

I still love my job, I get to analyse all types of materials

I also get to invent a lot of things

and make potions

Owen likes pretending to be a pirate

and cleaning

Hello Rose here, I will now telling our families story until my son is old enough too, my husband was making a potion when it exploded and it got set on fire and before he could be put out he died.

I sold some more books, I am a single mum now

I repaired the sink

I used the swing

my children enjoyed watching the new tv show

Everything just loves to break around here

Round 11, Family 5- Forest

Jenna cleans the shower

I chat with Samuel

We play chess

My wife loves to dance

She also repaired the toilet

Jax became a toddler

He loves exploring the house

Samuel works on his project for the science fair

Jenna gets promoted

I search for stars

Jenna repairs the radio

Samuel is a great student

Jenna potty trains our son

and does the laundry

she also makes some videos

I had my birthday

Jenna got promoted

Jenna does flashcards with Jax

Jax enjoys dancing

and being swung around in the air

Round 11, Family 4- Jackon

The boys enjoyed making a snowpal together

Emily gave birth to our third son Malcolm

she played some video games

Jasper did the dishes

Peaches had a birthday

Mum repaired the radio

I am now an adult

I worked on my charisma

Jasper did some art

Malcolm became a toddler

I started potty training right away

I repaired

and played with malcolm

Jasper is a good student

I took Peaches to the vet

Mum died of old age

I played Dolls with Jasper

Oscar played in the snow

Jasper is now a teen. He loves cats and wants to be rich

My wife is doing well at work

Jasper enjoys dancing

Oscar enjoys science

Round 11, Family 3- Crazen

I enjoy dancing

I also like to keep in shape

Mum practised her lines

I soon had my birthday. I am now erratic

I want to improve the world

I did some recycling

Mum had a gig

She is becoming quite famous

she also got a promotion

I started of thinking of new ideas then drew them out on my tablet

I repaired the computer

I went jogging

Mum cleaned

She also had her birthday

Round 11, Family 2- Monroe

I work hard on my homework as Kenny tells me about his day, being a father and studying can be hard at times.

I also work on my projects

Kailani repairs the stereo

She enjoys keeping in shape

Kathy is now a bear she says

I am an adult

Kathy is a teenager. She now is Materialistic and wants to solve the strangeville mystery.

I did some painting

Kenny did some science

With me studying hard at uni, Kailani has took over most of the cooking duties as my classes sometimes clash with the children’s eating times

Kathy did some dancing

and played some video games

The children worked on their school projects

Kenny danced

Kailani used the computer to update her fashion blog

The kids are doing great at school

Kailani got promoted

Kathy repaired the dishwasher

Kailani had her birthday

Kenny did some art

I achieved my aspiration

Round 11, Family 1- Frost

I am getting better at cooking every day

Ginger is already a grown up

I had to go to the vets

having money is useful and I was able to pay for top treatment

I soon had my birthday and am now an adult.

I enjoyed playing video games

I enrolled in Uni

I did some cooking

Ginger had some fun playing with a ball

I did my presentation and it came out quite well

i cuddled

I started on my term paper

I took my dog on a walk

I sung karoake

I did some exersize

Round 10, University Part 3

Hi, It’s Barbara here working hard on my homework. Uni has been hard.

I find presentations easier, I can use pictures and talk about the subject

Term papers are the worse, they take hours to do.

When I have free time, i try to bond with my roomies

But you know I love to solve things so I headed down to that weird town and started chatting with the locals

I also bought some stuff from the weird man with the colander on his head

I finally got a key and that lab is weird but then i passed out.

Oh No, I think I caused this Whoops

I got some weird scanner thing and collected all these weird bugs

I was more careful this time and there was this giant plant thing.

Round 10- University Part 2

Hi, It’s George here, I am at Uni with my girlfriend and her sister and its going well, I do get a lot of homework though.

I prefer presentations

My girl, she likes to make friends with everyone.

I love Bel so we got married

I did some repairs

and i practised some soccer

Round 10, University Part 1

Hi, It’s Anabelle and I am doing well at University. I did my homework at the club after some I did some dancing to let off steam.

I mostly eat my meals at the commons and I also get some socialising in too

I also joined the Art Society and we have lots of meets where we get to paint and talk about our art styles.

I have also made some good friends too.

I also make sure I practise for my games. I don’t want to lose my scolorship after all.

I even got a promotion

i did some cleaning

and some debating.