Round 1, Family 3- Crazen

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Hi, I am Jasmine and I never thought I would be a single mum in my fifties but that’s what happened. My husband Martin was so angry when I became pregnant with the twins Opal and Anna in my fifties that he left me when they were just little. Molly and Scarlett were just thirteen and eight then and they had to deal with him leaving too but I wouldn’t be without my girls for anything.I moved the family to Suunyside Valley because I wanted a fresh start.



Me and Scarlett both got a job at the gym as waterperson so we could bring in some money to pay the bills, the divorce settlement barely pays for the house and all the things that Molly and the twins need.


Scarlett is a great big sister, she always listens to the girls


Scarlett does well at work, she is really good at thinking on her feet


She has meet quite a lot of people and is always being invited out to bars and clubs and dance parties.


Scarlett sometimes helps with the cooking but I don’t know why she’s looking at the eggs like that


She and Duke had met at one of the bar nights and hit it off, They soon shared a kiss and he proposed, I can’t believe my little girl is in love.


At least the girls are great at doing their homework, I never need to nag them. I am the only worker now that Scarlett has moved in with Duke and Molly is great with babysitting her little sisters after school, I make sure I store food in the freezer for them.


Molly even helps the twins with their school projects, I did make them put that Volcano outside when I got home


With the girls at school all day and me working in the evenings, I have the day to myself so I explored, I went to a games festival where I played this unique virtual game,


I got a promotion so now there is a bit more money coming into the house. I still work late afternoon to the evening though


Molly is a good child, she found some money and did the right thing, she took it to the office, I was so proud.


Anna is getting better at not letting her evil side rear it’s head, this doctor bear set is really helping with that.


I think I spoke too soon, she had a bad day at school and come home and kicked the dolls house to pieces.


Opal was really upset so I repaired it then we played with the dolls together for a while.


I seem to constantly be repairing something around here


I think I need to teach Molly to cook, she tried to make breakfast so I could have a lie in and set the stove on fire.


At least the twins are great students


Molly loves to swim


Molly has made lots of friends here and they are always inviting her out. She has even started dating now, a boy by the name of Ryder. She is also becoming great at Karaoke.


Author: samanthaohalloran

Hello everybody, and welcome to my blog, My name Samantha. I work with kids, and in my spare time, I enjoy playing Sims and reading. I love playing with sims and doing challenges. I have quite a lot.

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