Round 1, Family 5- Forest

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Hi I am Thomas. I have always wanted a big family being family oriented but me and my Wife also family oriented could only have one, no more were born after We had Jasen. Then Jasen grew up and married Jerima and moved into her house with her and her mum and we were alone again. Years passed and they had a beautiful Baby Girl Holly. Then last year, our landlord upped our rent and we couldn’t afford to pay it so me and Janis had to move in with our son and his family in Sunnyside Valley.
Jasen has his dream job as a painter here.
Janis is got a job that barely pays, who said crime pays was living in dream world.
Barbara got a job in the local offices.
I decided to become an Astronaut.
Living in a apartment can be hard though especially with a romantic sim right next door who loves to invite his many girlfriends over.
Holly got upset as someone had broken the dolls house so Janis fixed it.
Jerima decided to go into Politics.
She was soon expecting my 2nd grandchild so me and Janis would get more grandchildren to spoil, I can’t wait.
I have to play chess for work to keep my thinking straight.
I took Holly to the park and she gave me a scare when she did this swan dive. Jasen was not as Active as her at this age.
Holly also loves to do pushups outside the elevator
Barbara is great at calming her down by playing Chess with her.
With Five of us working, We managed to save enough up to put a deposit down on a house, with Jerima expecting now we need the space.
A lot of promotions happened.
Jerima tries to spend a lot of time with Holly, she dosen’t want her to feel left out when the baby comes so they go to the park and play chess.
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She is doing great at work too.
So am I, my forward thinking got me so extra funds.
Jerima is now an intern, well on her way to becoming mayor,
I also got promoted
Jasen is becoming a great painter.
Jerima had to repair the toilet, the plumbing in this house is really bad, something is always spraying water everywhere.
Holly decided she was going to be a bear. I think she was just feeling a bit left out, she soon returned back when she got some attention.
Soon Jerima went into labour and headed to the hospital. She had a little boy that she called Toby.
Holly is doing well in school.
More promotions happened.
Jerima announced she was expecting her third child.
She didn’t want Holly to feel left out so played dolls with her.
Toby was soon a toddler and is a wild one at that, the next few years are going to be fun.
I took the kids to the park so Jerima could sleep, everyone else was working, I did some swimming while they explored the playground.
Toby loves to play with his animals in the treehouse, pretending it’s a farm.
Jerima and Jasen both got promotions.

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Hello everybody, and welcome to my blog, My name Samantha. I work with kids, and in my spare time, I enjoy playing Sims and reading. I love playing with sims and doing challenges. I have quite a lot.

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