Round 4, Family 4- Jackon

Hi, Welcome back, Last time, the twins became children and Lucille started writing.
She is quite good too and is already halfway through the skill

The twins love to go to the local park to chat and met new friends, they don’t even care how old they are so my wife goes to ensure they eat and stay safe. They also recently learnt to fish and quite enjoy it.

The children love doing school projects.

Me and Marge both got promotions
Marge is now in her forties
Lucille is a big help with the cleaning

She soon celebrated her birthday and became a beautiful young Adult who loves dogs,

She invited her boyfriend over, he’s a bit older then her Akito and they started being romantic, I was glad Marge was working and the kids were at school with what she was wearing. They also got engaged.
Marge completed her aspiration so should meet our grandkids even if I don’t.
She also mastered cooking

Soon it was time for Lucille and Akito’s Wedding. They decided to have it in the park in the city. They then moved in together, I am going to miss Lucille, I have known her since she was just nine and we did become quite close over the years.
The twins returned from the wedding and ran straight to the dolls house to act it out.
Marge choose a new aspiration
She then joined the culinary career

She still does repairs around the house, I am quite bad at it, always cutting myself or getting electrocuted.

Author: samanthaohalloran

Hello everybody, and welcome to my blog, My name Samantha. I work with kids, and in my spare time, I enjoy playing Sims and reading. I love playing with sims and doing challenges. I have quite a lot.

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