Round 4, Family 7- Barbosa

Welcome back, Last time Bernard became a child and Beatrice completed her aspiration.
Beatrice loves to dance
The fridge broke down and I had to fix it before the food went off

Beatrice and Bernard are the best of friends always playing together. I am so glad we didn’t get children who fight and argue all the time.

Scarlett was exhausted so I took the children to the local park so she could rest. Bernard ran off not to the playground but to the lake, he wanted to fish. Beatrice enjoyed showing off her skills and making new friends on the monkey bars. I grilled us some dinner.
The rest paid off as Scarlett was able to get a Promotion.
She also had her birthday.
I got a promotion too, good thing too as Beatrice is nearly a teenager and will need new clothes.

Genji invited me out to lunch and I needed to review a food place anyway so I agreed, The lunch was great and we had a fun time catching up.
I think too much dancing broke the stereo so I had to fix it.
For some reason Beatrice loves to jump in trash.
Bernard mastered the mental skill
I had my birthday too.

Bernard got an A in school, Completing his aspiration too.
I improved my cooking.

Soon it was time for Beatrice to become a teenager, we decided to have it at the local pool and we invited all Scarlett’s sisters and their families, even the vamp one and also Beatrice’s best friend Adam. At the party they actually kissed and he asked her to be his girlfriend, good thing too or I would have needed to have a talk with him.

I mastered the cooking skill and Beatrice is doing well with Charisma. She’ll need it if she plans to make friends.

Scarlett used the new weight machine, I had got for her birthday and achieved her aspiration, she should be able to meet our grandkids now.
I got promoted.

I then came home to a broken computer, I really should teach Beatrice to do this. Also the dishwasher too.
Bernard enjoys scaring his sister with his experiments.
Scarlett got another Promotion.

Author: samanthaohalloran

Hello everybody, and welcome to my blog, My name Samantha. I work with kids, and in my spare time, I enjoy playing Sims and reading. I love playing with sims and doing challenges. I have quite a lot.

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