Round 4, Family 10- Crazen 2

Hi there, I am Opal, yes one of the Crazen girls, the youngest in fact and I am also a Vampire, this is my story.
I am still new at this Vampire thing but know I shouldn’t go outside during the day too much, so I decided to join the criminal career, so I can work at night.
I trolled some forums, I need to improve my mischief for work after all
I did try prank calling an old friend, but he wasn’t fooled, and I became quite Embarrassed.
I met one of my new neighbours, he’s over 100 years old and still likes to dress as a teenager.
I played some games
I planted some plasma seeds, so I can build my own source of food, so I don’t need to feed so much.
My video game skill has vastly improved, maybe I can win some completions now
I also plan to become like Vlad and be a ruler of vampires, I am insane after all
I did some sparring with Vlad and I actually won twice
I also worked on growing my trees

I went to the geek festival, I am thick skinned after all so shouldn’t burn. I managed to master the video game skill and won a competition.

I was starting to burn so I started to head home but them found myself so thirsty, I started to feast on Genji Nakamura and couldn’t stop, next thing I know, I am burning and falling, and the Grim Reaper appears. Bye, it seems I am leaving this world.

Author: samanthaohalloran

Hello everybody, and welcome to my blog, My name Samantha. I work with kids, and in my spare time, I enjoy playing Sims and reading. I love playing with sims and doing challenges. I have quite a lot.

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