Round 6, Family 3- Crazen

Last time, I had triplets Belinda, Arabella and Anabelle who were soon toddlers. I also had twins Cora and Cara and was soon pregnant with Baby 6. Loren became a adult and got promoted. I also did some repairs around the house. While you were away, my son Cody was born.

Cora and Cara became toddlers. All my children seem to take after me and look nothing like their dad.
I managed to get all the girls to sleep but then Cody woke up for a fed so I hardly get any sleep.
I like to relax by playing in the rain when the children are napping. It’s the only peace I get, I love them but sometimes it can be hard as Loren works a lot and it’s mostly me looking after the children.
Me and Loren finally decided to get engaged.
The twins are little trouble makers, they love to go in the bathroom and empty all the cupboards.
Cora also likes to play with blocks building towers with them
Belinda prefers to play with the tablet.

Soon it was birthday time. Cody is now a toddler who wants all the attention and the triplets are now children. Belinda loves to read, Anabelle likes mess and Arabella loves music.
Anabelle and Cody are quite close and they are always together. Anabelle loves to tell him stories and talk about her day. Cody just babbles

Cody can be a handful and loves to take his sisters paint and use it to decorate our lawn. Loren is the one that tells him off while I comfort his sisters who are upset that they can’t do artwork.
The dolls house needs to be repaired constantly or the children end up in tears.

My older sister asked me for a night out so I left the children with Loren and went to have some fun. We went bowling, I also did some dancing and had a drink.
Anabelle loves to play dolls, sometimes she doesn’t even change out of her outerwear before running to it.
Arabella is a big help with keeping the house clean and will take out the trash without being asked.
Loren finally spent some time with his son and did some flashcards.
He also potty trained him, we finally had enough money to put two rooms upstairs, and now we are just saving up for a second bathroom.
The girls love to play dolls together.
Anabelle loves cuddles.
Cora loves the giant teddies and is always babbling away to them and cuddling them.
I had to do some repairs.
Arabella did some exercise.
Cody is quite cheeky and is always crawling up and down the stairs.
He is quite a physical child and loves being thrown up and down and spun around.

Author: samanthaohalloran

Hello everybody, and welcome to my blog, My name Samantha. I work with kids, and in my spare time, I enjoy playing Sims and reading. I love playing with sims and doing challenges. I have quite a lot.

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