Round 6, Family 8- Herrington

Welcome back last time, my children maxed some skills Creativity and Social to be precise. My wife Molly maxed the writing skill and I put on a lot of weight.
I now know why, when I got abducted by aliens, I received a little gift, meet my twins Nova and Star.

It’s winter here now, the government managed to fix the problem with the atmosphere so we have seasons and weather again. We put the twins in daycare as they are too young to be out in the snow and we took a trip to the local park where we had fun learning to ice-skate, a lot of time was spent picking myself off the floor. I did improve my fitness though.
I help my son with his homework as with the twins being here, I haven’t been paying attention and he hasn’t been doing it.

Molly brought her boss birthday gift online and surprised her with it at the office, her boss gave her a performance boost.
Molly loves having babies around to cuddle and feed and spoil.
The bath does love to break down, I am so glad I have my very accomplished wife around to fix all the broken appliances around here.
I am doing well at work too and I was soon promoted, good thing too as the twins are nearly toddlers and will need a bigger room to explore, learn and play in.
Laying down in the snow and moving my arms and legs around can be so much fun.
The bathroom sink was the next appliance to break down.
Molly also maxed her logic skill
Caitlin and Conner are such great big brother and sister to the twins and are always feeding and playing with them, they will make great parents one day.
Caitlin loves to dance.

Soon my little surprises were toddlers. All they got from their creator was their skin. Nova hates when I leave and is always following me around. Star is my little Adventurer always running and climbing and she hates wearing clothes.
My girls love to dance, even little Nova tries to join in with her big sisters dances.

I was just washing my hands when Star decided to play in the toilet so I had to give her a telling off. She is going to be fun.
I took her outside to burn her energy off, she seems to have a lot of it and we made a snowpal together.
Nova loves big brother Conner as he plays all sorts of fun games with her.
Nova likes to play outside too but she prefers to climb up to the top of the tunnels and look all around.
Caitlin started learning to cook and likes to make salads.
Conner did flashcards with Star. He’s magic, I can never get her to sit down.
Conner and Caitlin love the snow and they really like making snow pals together.
I also decided to have a snowball fight with them, they won but only because they got Nova and Star to sneak up on me and throw balls as they called them.
Molly chose a new aspiration.
She did some upgrades, she hopes this will make the sink break down less often.
She also started making some furniture that she can sell for some extra cash.
She improved her handiness too.
She also started building a rocket ship, she wants to see space she says.
I played dolls with Star. Its the only activity that she stays at for more then five minutes.
The aliens must see something in me, they decided to abduct me again.
Molly maxed the rocket ship skill and now has a fully bluith rocket ship.

She then climbed inside and decided to take a trip into space. It was a fail and she nearly crashed.
She did complete another aspiration though
She now wants to be a Fisherwoman

Author: samanthaohalloran

Hello everybody, and welcome to my blog, My name Samantha. I work with kids, and in my spare time, I enjoy playing Sims and reading. I love playing with sims and doing challenges. I have quite a lot.

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