Round 6, Family 10- Fujita

Welcome back, Last time, my wife Lucille mastered the writing skill and our daughter Lyndia was born. Our son Liam became a child.
We wanted to have a nice family dinner at the Italian restaurant but Liam decided to act out and make a mess so I had to tell him off and punish him then we left.
We returned home and I sent him to his room whilst me and Lucille shared a meal together.
The appliances love to break around here, I had to fix the sink before we ended up with an ocean.
Liam loves pretending to be a pirate.
Lucille went out to the opera with her friend Anna whilst me and Loren had a sleepover with the kids, let me tell you 7 kids under 8 is hard work.
Lucille achieved her aspiration, my wife is a famous author now.
My baby girl is already a toddler and a adorable one at that.
I helped Liam with his homework. He has been really struggling since starting year 7. I can’t believe my little boy is 11 already.
Lyndia loves to dogs and is always chasing them around and trying to copy what they do.
She also likes to play with Blocks. Lucky is highly protective of her and is always standing around watching her.
Liam loves swinging across the monkey bars.
Lyndia also likes to climb and crawl through the tunnels
Liam mastered his motor skill and also achieved his aspiration.
Lucille had to repair the music system
I got promoted
I played the piano in the lounge and got some tips
Lucille started writing a new book
Lyndia loves jumping in the ball pit and throwing the balls around
Liam loves to draw and paint
He also likes pretending to be a doctor.

I wanted Lyndia to meet some friends her own age as she spends a lot of time with the dogs so I planned a play date at the park. She loved it but spent most of her time playing and socialising with Cody Crazen.
After her big day out, she was all dirty so Lucille gave her a bath getting a shower in the process as Lyndia loves to splash and throw water out the bath.

Lucille went on a night out with Holly and they had fun singing. Her mum agreed to Babysit so I just looked after the dogs.
Lyndia loves it when mummy plays with her
Lyndia is also potty trained now and goes to the potty on her own. She only wears nappies at night.
Leo loves to swim in the pool
The kids love it when they go to their grandmothers house. They love to dance and Liam loves to chat to Ritvik about school.
I had to do some repairs
We bluith on a dogs room onto the house with auto refill dog bowls.
The weather is getting warmer now so we bought a paddling pool and Lyndia loves playing and splashing around in it.

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Lucille has lots of friends and is always going out with them. Today she went to a festival where she enjoyed doing lots of comedy as well as buying and lighting up fireworks. She also won 500 pounds and some more fireworks.
Liam loves climbing to the top of the pirate ship and looking around.

Leo and Lucky are now elders.

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Hello everybody, and welcome to my blog, My name Samantha. I work with kids, and in my spare time, I enjoy playing Sims and reading. I love playing with sims and doing challenges. I have quite a lot.

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