Round 7, Family 2- Monroe

Welcome back to the Monroe’s, Last time, Jessica died of old age.  Clover, Biscuit and Custard got put up for Adoption and Bonnie was Adopted

I enjoy playing chess.

Jamie started dating a girl by the name of Kailani who has a thing for wearing pink wigs.

Jane likes to play chess too but prefers to do so in the park

Jane also enjoys cooking and is doing really well at it.

Jamie has taken up boxing and finds it a great way to let off steam.

Soon it was Halloween and the twins wanted to have a Spooky party. it was lots of fun and we even got free food.

Jane enjoys going to local clubs and dancing

The toilet was filthy and Jane decided to clean it.

Hello it’s Jamie here, dad died of old age after finishing work and I am now in charge of the family.

There was a Talent Showcase at the local club and I did some singing. It was lots of fun.

Jane went out to dinner with one of our neighbours. He wanted to offer Condolences for dads death.

Jane has started dating too, a guy by the name of Shingo Yoshida.

Me and Jane went to some clubs in la sol valley and met some celebs. We also attended an Award Ceremony.

Rye had his birthday and is now an elder.

Soon it was time for me and Jane to become Young Adults. We threw a party at the Stargazer Lounge and invited our Cousin Alice and her brood of children as well as our Cousins, Adam, Alec and Aric. We got some cool presents too. I received a digital camera, some flowers and a Baconite. Jane received a Porkelain pal, a model stunt plane and a Enormous Trilobite. 

Jane soon moved in with her boyfriend and is now family 14 Yoshida.

I went on a date with Kailani and Proposed. Luckily she accepted. We had a wedding party at Myshuno Meadows with all the family.

Me and Kailani had some fun

She started a career in fashion

Meet my Wife after a makeover.

I registered as a Self Employed Painter

I was soon going to be a dad.

I did some painting.

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Hello everybody, and welcome to my blog, My name Samantha. I work with kids, and in my spare time, I enjoy playing Sims and reading. I love playing with sims and doing challenges. I have quite a lot.

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