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Hello and Welcome to Sunnyside Valley. This is a simsĀ 4 Prosperity challenge in which you roll the families, and their personalities and you try and grow a successful neighbourhood from them founding sims for five generations. The Rules I am playing with are here. They were updated by me

I play each family in the rotation for Seven Days. I rolled four families.

Round 1
Family 4-Frost

Round 2
Family 1-Monroe
Family 2 – Whitestone
Family 3- Starling
Family 4- Frost
Family 5-Shizmu

Round 3
Family 1- Monroe
Family 2- Whitestone
Family 3- Starling
Family 4-Frost
Family 5- Shizmu

Round 4

Family 1- Monroe- Pt 1
Family 1- Monroe- Pt 2
family 2- Whitestone-Pt 1