Round 11, Family 5- Forest

Jenna cleans the shower

I chat with Samuel

We play chess

My wife loves to dance

She also repaired the toilet

Jax became a toddler

He loves exploring the house

Samuel works on his project for the science fair

Jenna gets promoted

I search for stars

Jenna repairs the radio

Samuel is a great student

Jenna potty trains our son

and does the laundry

she also makes some videos

I had my birthday

Jenna got promoted

Jenna does flashcards with Jax

Jax enjoys dancing

and being swung around in the air

Round 11, Family 3- Crazen

I enjoy dancing

I also like to keep in shape

Mum practised her lines

I soon had my birthday. I am now erratic

I want to improve the world

I did some recycling

Mum had a gig

She is becoming quite famous

she also got a promotion

I started of thinking of new ideas then drew them out on my tablet

I repaired the computer

I went jogging

Mum cleaned

She also had her birthday

Round 11, Family 2- Monroe

I work hard on my homework as Kenny tells me about his day, being a father and studying can be hard at times.

I also work on my projects

Kailani repairs the stereo

She enjoys keeping in shape

Kathy is now a bear she says

I am an adult

Kathy is a teenager. She now is Materialistic and wants to solve the strangeville mystery.

I did some painting

Kenny did some science

With me studying hard at uni, Kailani has took over most of the cooking duties as my classes sometimes clash with the children’s eating times

Kathy did some dancing

and played some video games

The children worked on their school projects

Kenny danced

Kailani used the computer to update her fashion blog

The kids are doing great at school

Kailani got promoted

Kathy repaired the dishwasher

Kailani had her birthday

Kenny did some art

I achieved my aspiration

Round 10, Family 20- Roswell

Ebony wants to be a teacher

I did some cleaning

and some fishing

Ebony played some chess

Edgar is now a toddler

Ebony got promoted

I started potty training

Edagr is very imaginative

Ebony got promoted

Edgar enjoys playing in the sand pit at the park whilst i go fishing.

he is soon going to be a big brother.

Round 10, Family 19- Frost 2

Me, My wife and my brother all got new jobs

Kala enjoys playing the piano

I repaired the computer

and the sink

Kala and my brother got promoted

I repaired the fridge

Kala bonded with the dog

i did some robotics

I got promoted

Jerome took Baxter on a walk

My daughter Josie-Mae was born.

I am a hands on dad

Soon Josie was a toddler

Jerome took Baxter and got his own place.

My daughter loves stories

I got promoted

Josie enjoys playing with blocks

I started potty training her

she also loves physical games.

Round 10, Family 17- Chauhun 2

My wife has decided to become a lawyer

she filed some motions

I played some chess

my wife repaired the sink

The children worked on their school projects.

I had my birthday

Me and my wife both got promotions

The twins are now teenagers. Hazel is mean Helena is a foodie.

Caitlin also had her birthday.

Round 10, Family 16- Nakamura 3

My wife treats little Sunnup like one of ours despite her unique arrival

Max and Mabel love to dance

Sunnup can be a handful sometimes

she enjoys blocks play

My wife started toilet training her

she completed her aspiration

had her birthday

and got a promotion

My daughters also had their birthdays. Mabel is a slob who wants to be a nerd brain. Sunnup is a genius who wants to be a rambunctious scamp.

My wife enjoys doing woodwork

Max enjoys being creative

My wife put out a fire

she repaired the radio

and the fridge.

Round 10, Family 14- Yoshida

I had to repair the dolls house

I played dolls with my daughter

Sara managed to nearly set the whole house on fire with one of her experiments so we got rid of the scientist table.

I got a promotion

We are still cleaning up burn marks and tar

Sara enjoys art

My wife repaired the bath

I had my birthday

Simon is now a child. He rolled the Evil trait.

Saffron works on her school project

My wife got promoted

she wrote some books

Saffron played the violin.

Round 10, Family 13- Nakamura 2

Beatrice works on her programming for work.

Barbara plays some foos ball

I took cookie to the vets

I enjoy cuddling and petting cookie

I dance

Me and my wife both got promotions

My wife had her birthday

I played some chess

My children enjoy dancing

Barbara is very adventurous and went exploring a lab.

My son enjoys cooking

Barbara had her birthday and headed off to uni. She wants to be a detective, she loves to solve mysteries

repairs were needed

Cookie died of old age

Round 10, Family 12- The Forests 2

Rosanna loves to chatter away as my wife plays chess

Robyn also enjoys repairing

and painting

My daughters love dancing

Rachel went on vacation and had fun exploring

Rosanna is doing well in school

she loves playing with toys

Both my girls were soon top students

We had lots of quality family time at christmas

Rachel enjoys painting too

Robyn played on the computer

she also plays dolls with our youngest

Rachel applied for University

Rosanna became a teenager who likes to be alone and wants to be a world famous painter

she prefers using the tablet to paint

she also enjoys cooking.