Round 11, Family 1- Frost

I am getting better at cooking every day

Ginger is already a grown up

I had to go to the vets

having money is useful and I was able to pay for top treatment

I soon had my birthday and am now an adult.

I enjoyed playing video games

I enrolled in Uni

I did some cooking

Ginger had some fun playing with a ball

I did my presentation and it came out quite well

i cuddled

I started on my term paper

I took my dog on a walk

I sung karoake

I did some exersize

Round 10, Family 18- Murakami

I played some chess

Jenni made some drinks

I went fishing

I did some research

I got promoted

my efforts are making an impact

I went swimming

I romanced my wife

I got promoted

i explored a cave

I am going to be a dad

We got a new house

I did some singing

Jenni got promoted

as did i

Round 7, Family 15- Moon

Welcome, I am Orange Moon and this is my Wife Lisa I grew up as the only child of Famous parents and I want to be an actor.
This is our lovely new home, it isn’t much at the moment but we will build on it as our family grows.
me and Lisa had some fun in the closet
I got a job
Lisa was soon pregnant
I started cooking but then had an audition so Lisa had to finish off my meal
Lisa loves taking selfies
I did some dancing
Lisa is a great cook
Lisa loves the rain and even likes to jump in mud puddles
Lisa was soon promoted
Lisa soon gave birth to my son Oberon
I went to my first gig where I was selling shower gel as a pirate.
Lisa got promoted
I went jogging
Oberon became a toddler and he got my wife’s lovely eyes
Lisa started Oberon on potty training
my next gig was selling children’s cd’s
I got promoted
My wife did some repairs

Round 7, Family 14- Yoshida

Hello and Welcome, I am Shingo, I am clumsy; lazy and a Glutton and this is my girlfriend Jane.

I joined the Culinary career

I proposed to Jane and we got married at the Rose Venue so we could fit all of Jane’s Family in, her brother and his wife and all her cousins Alice, Alec, Aric and Adam and their families.

Jane wants to be a journalist so got a job as a writer

She started writing a book

We had some fun

Jane was soon pregnant

me and Jane both got promoted

I repaired the stove

I started learning Gourmet Cooking

My daughter Saffron was born

I went to the Flea Market with my sister in law. I brought a lamp for Saffron’s room. I watched some people sing and also did some karaoke.

More Promotions

Saffron became a toddler and she’s going to be a handful

Some pictures of Saffron because she’s adorable most of the time, Doing Flashcards with Jane before throwing a tantrum because she was bored with them, playing dolls, using the slide and story time. She also loves to be swung round and tossed in the air.

Jane is becoming quite Famous.

Round 7, Family 7- Barbosa

Welcome back, Last time Lucky became an Adult and My Daughter Beatrice had her Young Adult birthday, got married and moved in with her husband Adam and then went on to have three children making me a grandfather. Lucky also had some fun in the park with Rye Monroe and had puppies Olive and Nougat who were soon Adults.

Bernard gave Lucky a bath as Lucky had gotten dirty whilst going exploring and playing in the Garden.

Bernard went into Brindleton Bay and Befriended a Cat called Nugget who he then adopted.

Scarlett is doing very well at work and was soon promoted.

I went to Visit Beatrice and my grandchildren. I had fun talking with both Nathan and Barbara. Neil slept through my visit. Nathan enjoyed talking about Dinosaurs and Barbara enjoyed talking about chess and cookie their cat.

My wife had her birthday and became an Elder

I am doing well at work too and was soon promoted

Beatrice invited Bernard on an outing to the Spice Festival. I am glad that my children get on so well. They enjoyed blowing bubbles and even attempted the Spicy Curry Challenge.

Scarlett was invited out by her baby sister Anna and they had lots of fun dancing.

Bernard had his birthday and became a Young Adult. He will now be taking over our families legacy and writing our story

I decided to join the Secret Agent Career

Dad managed to set himself on fire whilst doing the Laundry

I wanted to remodel the home now we have the money to do so the old house was demolished and a new one was created.

Dad became an elder

He then retired

Dad now enjoys painting

I have started to do some cooking around here and think I am doing quite well, I haven’t started any fires.

Round 7, Family 6- Nakamura

Welcome back, Last time,  I got promoted. Adam became an Young Adult whose now married and a father of three.

Alec and Aric are now Young Adult’s too.

They invited their Girlfriends over to celebrate.  Alec and his Girlfriend Molly moved in together and Rose moved in with me and Aric.

Rose and Aric got engaged

Rose started writing her first novel.

She then had to repair it

We has to rent out the new Rose Haven venue for all our family. There was my eldest Son Adam, His wife Beatrice and their three kids, Barbara, Neil and Nathan. My Step–daughter Alice and her Husband and Five children.  Then their was Rose’s parents and her five younger siblings. Then their was my niece and Nephew Jane and Jamie and their partners. 

Aric got a job as a Secret Agent

I went swimming

I repaired the toilet

Rose got promoted

Rose and Aric still love to go on dates at the local park and clubs

Aric achieved his aspiration

Rose was soon pregnant

some repairs

Aric and Rose love having water balloon fights

Aric played the guitar

I got promoted

I also mastered Gourmet Cooking

Aric and Rose both got promoted

Aric loves the slip n slide

Soon my grandchild was born. They called her Octavia.

Despite hating children, Rose loves her daughter and is the first one there to sooth her needs and cries.

Aric got promoted

I Achieved my Aspiration

Round 7, Family 4- Jackon

Welcome back to the Jackon’s, Last Time, lots of promotions and skill building happened.

The Twins enjoy dancing

Soon it was Christmas Eve, We as a family enjoyed putting up the tree and decorating the house. We also enjoyed greeting Father Christmas and getting gifts.

Lucas likes to Exercise

Lisa did some repairs

Soon it was Christmas. We enjoyed opening Gifts, having fun dancing and drinking and eating and we even did some singing too.

Lisa went on a date with Orange Moon. They had fun at the bluffs despite the cold and the snow

My wife made some drinks

Lisa repaired the stove and improved her handiness

Lisa and Orange have been dating quite a lot and even exchanged promise rings

Lisa went to the Romance Festival with Holly Forest. She had fun making a snow pal and drinking teas.

Hi, It’s Lucas here, dad died of old age and I am now in charge of our story

Mum is now an elder

Soon it was time for me and Lisa to become Young Adults.

Lisa got a job in the Culinary Career

Lisa met up with Orange and he moved in with us.

Orange proposed and they got married. They then moved into a home of their own and are now Family 15 Moon.

Mum gave me tips on Mixology.

I joined the Culinary Career

I did some Gardening

Mum got promoted

She repaired the Bathroom sink

Round 7, Family 2- Monroe

Welcome back to the Monroe’s, Last time, Jessica died of old age.  Clover, Biscuit and Custard got put up for Adoption and Bonnie was Adopted

I enjoy playing chess.

Jamie started dating a girl by the name of Kailani who has a thing for wearing pink wigs.

Jane likes to play chess too but prefers to do so in the park

Jane also enjoys cooking and is doing really well at it.

Jamie has taken up boxing and finds it a great way to let off steam.

Soon it was Halloween and the twins wanted to have a Spooky party. it was lots of fun and we even got free food.

Jane enjoys going to local clubs and dancing

The toilet was filthy and Jane decided to clean it.

Hello it’s Jamie here, dad died of old age after finishing work and I am now in charge of the family.

There was a Talent Showcase at the local club and I did some singing. It was lots of fun.

Jane went out to dinner with one of our neighbours. He wanted to offer Condolences for dads death.

Jane has started dating too, a guy by the name of Shingo Yoshida.

Me and Jane went to some clubs in la sol valley and met some celebs. We also attended an Award Ceremony.

Rye had his birthday and is now an elder.

Soon it was time for me and Jane to become Young Adults. We threw a party at the Stargazer Lounge and invited our Cousin Alice and her brood of children as well as our Cousins, Adam, Alec and Aric. We got some cool presents too. I received a digital camera, some flowers and a Baconite. Jane received a Porkelain pal, a model stunt plane and a Enormous Trilobite. 

Jane soon moved in with her boyfriend and is now family 14 Yoshida.

I went on a date with Kailani and Proposed. Luckily she accepted. We had a wedding party at Myshuno Meadows with all the family.

Me and Kailani had some fun

She started a career in fashion

Meet my Wife after a makeover.

I registered as a Self Employed Painter

I was soon going to be a dad.

I did some painting.

Round 7, Family 1- Frost

Welcome Back, Last time, Jenni achieved her aspiration, Todd Became a toddler,  Rina started a fire on her science table and also became a Teenager.

I decided to further develop my youngest by doing flashcards with him whilst the older children were busy with their school projects and hobbies.

I would really like to know who keeps smashing up the dolls house, it upsets the other children after all. At least I gained handiness from fixing it.

Audrey loves playing video games and is great at it too, she managed to master the skill, hopefully it will help her get promoted.

I am doing well at work. I delieved my frist baby and can now perform operations on patients, not bad for someone with no degree. ssh don’t tell my patients that.

Rina loves to swim and is always in our pool.

Todd is a very sociable toddler and always calls his brothers and sisters over to play with him.

James is a great help around the house and even cleans up without being asked.

Soon it was Movie Premier Day. The whole family actually sat down together to watch the movie even little Todd.

I have been cooking so much for the family that I managed to master the skill

Soon my Youngest too was a child. He is quite Confident and likes to explore and have fun.

With all the kids at school now and my wife at work for long hours, I got bored again and started going on some dates. I did achieve my aspiration though and I am now a player.

Audrey is doing really well at work and soon received a promotion. She even got a free computer so our old one can finally be upgraded.

Soon it was time for another birthday. We threw a party at the bowling alley and Jenni became a Teenager.

Rina has started dating too, a Boy by the name of Bernard Barbosa.

She also loves to work out in the new home exercise suite.

Jenni did some grilling and gained some cooking knowledge.

Todd loves swinging across the monkey bars. Sometimes he even jumps off.

The Tv decided to break down so I had to fix it.

Soon it was time for birthdays and lots of them so we booked out the stargazer lounge so we could fit all the family in. I am now an elder, the twins are teenagers and my oldest is a Young Adult. Where did the years go.

I decided to retire so I could spend more time with the kids, they are getting so old now and with my grandkids when they arrive. I hope Todd fills this house right up again.

Rose got a job as a Writer.

Rina worked out

Round 6, Family 11- Gherda

Welcome back, Last time, Gordon was born and became a toddler. George became a child. Me and Holly started working our way up the career ladder.
Holly loves to keep fit and healthy by doing a morning and evening run on the treadmill.
Gordon loves being outside running, climbing and exploring the tunnels.
He also likes when we play aeroplanes
George is more into art. He loves to draw and paint and create collages.
He also likes to play with Planes and cars.
Gordon is doing quite well with potty training and asks to use the potty most of the time.
Gordon also likes to look at books.
Holly mastered the art of drink making
She also achieved her aspiration
And mastered cooking.
Holly now wants to be as fit and healthy as possible.
She likes to go to the local gym in the morning so she gets first pick of the equipment.

Me and Holly both got promotions.

Me and Holly had to do some repairs around the house.

Soon it was time for Gordon’s birthday. We decided to have it at the local park seeing as it was a nice hot day. Gordon enjoyed making new friends and bonding with his aunt and uncles.
Gordon and George are quite close and are always chatting away.

George chose a new aspiration
Holly got promoted

Family water balloon fight, I lost after the boys started working together to get me and holly.
Holly decided to go on a jog around town.
She also likes using exercise videos to work out
Holly wanted another baby. I hope it’s a girl this time.

Holly went to the geek con festival with Alice where she enjoyed learning programming and working on a rocket ship.
Gordon takes after his mum so much and loves to exercise.