Round 11, Family 5- Forest

Jenna cleans the shower

I chat with Samuel

We play chess

My wife loves to dance

She also repaired the toilet

Jax became a toddler

He loves exploring the house

Samuel works on his project for the science fair

Jenna gets promoted

I search for stars

Jenna repairs the radio

Samuel is a great student

Jenna potty trains our son

and does the laundry

she also makes some videos

I had my birthday

Jenna got promoted

Jenna does flashcards with Jax

Jax enjoys dancing

and being swung around in the air

Round 9, Family 18- Murakami

Hi, I am Nobuya, Me and My Wife Jenni had a beach wedding then decided to stay, here is our new home.

I decided that I would help keep the island clean and thriving the one over the water, we wouldn’t be living there, it had a giant volcano and no electricity or plumbing.

My wife cooked us some dinner In our new kitchen, I hope she doesn’t burn down the place.

I enjoy fishing, it’s so relaxing

Jenni loves to make drinks for the locals

We both got promoted

I also like to go fishing off the boat

More promotions, soon we will be able to upgrade the house.

People just love to dump trash

The water is just so great to swim around in

We both got promoted again.

Round 8, Family 5- Forest

Welcome back, Last time, Mum died of old age and my sister became a Young adult and joined the criminal career, she later moved out.

I was soon a young adult too, I love dogs.

I decided to join the military

I started preparing for work by practising my sparring and fighting skills

I have also started dating someone new, Ariel was too famous and needed constant attention, Meet Jenna.

I enjoy swimming,

I cooked dinner and it didn’t get burned

I also got promoted

I asked Jenna to move in and she agreed

I was going to be a dad, I can’t wait

I went jogging

Jenna decided to become an actress

Soon my son Samuel was born

I got promoted

I started working on my defence skills.

Round 3, Family 1- Frost

No family photo, I am afraid, I forgot to take it but welcome back. Last time, I married Audrey and we welcomed our beautiful daughter Rose into the world who soon became a toddler. We also got some promotions. Rose is still as cute and adorable as ever, here are some pictures of her exploring and having fun.
The plumbing loves to break down so I spend a lot of time repairing it.
Soon Audrey was pregnant again, I wonder if I will get a boy this time, only boys can take the family name and home into a new generation.
I had to bathe little Rose, all that running around and exploring had made her quite dirty. Also Audrey found it hard to kneel down now that she was six months along.
Audrey still practises her programming
Rose enjoys stacking the blocks
Audrey did some cooking
She also made a new app.
She repaired the computer
I took Rose to the new community centre, she had fun making new friends.
Me and Audrey both got promotions.
I had to do a home visit
My 2nd child was born, another girl, we called her Rina.
Rose is finally out of nappies, good buying two lots was getting expensive.
Audrey got a chance card.
I repaired the sink.
Audrey got another promotion.
She is also expecting our third child
Rose maxed her imagination skill.
She does love making mess
She is a great communicator too
Rina was soon a toddler
She also loves to make mess
Audrey got another promotion
Rina loves stacking the blocks
My third daughter Jenni was born.
I got promoted
Rose became a child