Round 8, Family 3- Crazen

Welcome back, Last time, The twins became children, Loren got promoted and made a mobile app. Cody became a child and I joined the workforce as an actress.

Loren made another app, hopefully soon we will have enough money to move to a bigger home, this house can be cramped with six children and soon I will have teenagers

Soon it was Christmas eve and we had fun decorating the house as a family.

I had to do some repairs as one of the children overloaded the dishwasher

The children are able to mostly amuse themselves as I practice my lines either by playing with toys or making music

The girls enjoyed staying up late to get their presents from Father Winter

The fridge was the next thing to go

Soon the triplets were teenagers and all unique in their own way. My eldest Anabelle still loves to play with toys and wants to be a famous painter. The middle triplet Arabella loves to make everyone laugh and wants to explore the great outdoors and my youngest triplet Belinda loves dogs and wants to be a famous prankster.

The children all loved their presents and the lovely ham dinner I prepared. I also made a snow pal with Cody. Christmas was a great success.

Anabelle and Belinda both got part time jobs so they could have some extra cash.

I went out dancing

I soon had my birthday

We finally saved up enough money so we could move. We moved to del so valley so we could be closer to the studio for my gigs and our new house had plenty of space to move around and even space to expand. I even got new kitchen appliances and better beds for the children.

Arabella loves to keep fit through dancing

she even started cooking in our new kitchen.

I enjoy dancing too, it’s a great stress reliever

I mastered the cooking skill and can cook great meals now. Cora and Cody mastered motor.

Loren became an elder

Cody went to the local park and met a new friend

Soon the twins were teenagers too.

Round 7, Family 3- Crazen

Welcome back to the Crazen’s, Last time, The twins became Toddlers. me and Loren got engaged, The triplets became children and Cody became a toddler.

Loren works hard on his Programming.

The Twins become children.

Me and Alice went to the new lounge and met some celebs. I even took a selfie with one.

I started Potty training Cody

Loren did some repairs.

I played With Cody

Cody enjoys building with the blocks.

Me and My big sister Molly went to Visit the new gallery and I had fun looking at the sculptures and paintings.

I made a Snow pal with Cody

I had fun ice-skating even if I had a few mishaps and falls

Loren got promoted

He also made a mobile app

I did some cleaning

I went out for Lunch with my friend Lucille.

One of the triplets enjoyed making a snow pal

The twins were inside. Cora was playing the violin and Cara was her Audience.

Cody became a child so no more toddlers

I decided I wanted to get into acting

I made a snow pal with Cody

I repaired the Fridge

and the bath

I actually got my first part on a commercial.

I got promoted

I started learning the Guitar for my next audition

Round 4, Family 1- Frost

Welcome back, here I am with my four girls. I actually remembered to take the picture and little Jenni even smiled and little Rina had no tantrums. I was so happy.
Aud4.pngrey is of course pregnant again, I never imagined I would be a married man or a father for that matter and now I have been married for over a decade and have three daughters and another baby on the way.
My wife works hard on her programming, we need all the money we can get with so many little mouth to feed.
Rose is going through a phrase right now and becomes quite Angry that we had Jenni, I hope she grows out of it as Audrey will have our fourth child any day now.
Rose works on her school project, she is such a good little student

Also she and Aric Nakamura are quite close. They love to go to our local park and play chess together.
Soon little Jenni was an adorable toddler but she does get quite upset when me and Audrey sent her to playgroup or daycare and then when one of us leaves the house to run errands.
Rose got a B in school.

Soon Audrey went in labour with twin boys, that’s right I finally have sons.
I hope we are done now. I love my kids but I think five is more then enough.
I got a promotion
Rose loves science, she really likes making potions and experimenting.
I am already in my forties, where has the time gone.
I spent some time playing dolls with Rina, I don’t like any of my children to feel left out.
Audrey got promoted.
Rina is no longer a toddler, she’s already school age and she loves to explore and play.

Soon the twins too were toddlers and very curious ones at that. They both have red hair and brown eyes but James has my darker skintone wheras Jerome favors Audrey.
Rose got an A, what a bright girl I have

Round 3, Family 1- Frost

No family photo, I am afraid, I forgot to take it but welcome back. Last time, I married Audrey and we welcomed our beautiful daughter Rose into the world who soon became a toddler. We also got some promotions. Rose is still as cute and adorable as ever, here are some pictures of her exploring and having fun.
The plumbing loves to break down so I spend a lot of time repairing it.
Soon Audrey was pregnant again, I wonder if I will get a boy this time, only boys can take the family name and home into a new generation.
I had to bathe little Rose, all that running around and exploring had made her quite dirty. Also Audrey found it hard to kneel down now that she was six months along.
Audrey still practises her programming
Rose enjoys stacking the blocks
Audrey did some cooking
She also made a new app.
She repaired the computer
I took Rose to the new community centre, she had fun making new friends.
Me and Audrey both got promotions.
I had to do a home visit
My 2nd child was born, another girl, we called her Rina.
Rose is finally out of nappies, good buying two lots was getting expensive.
Audrey got a chance card.
I repaired the sink.
Audrey got another promotion.
She is also expecting our third child
Rose maxed her imagination skill.
She does love making mess
She is a great communicator too
Rina was soon a toddler
She also loves to make mess
Audrey got another promotion
Rina loves stacking the blocks
My third daughter Jenni was born.
I got promoted
Rose became a child

Round 2, Family 1- Frost

Hi, Welcome back, last time, I got promoted and got engaged to Audrey.
I am still saving up for our wedding so for now I buy cheap ingredients and cook cheap meals at home in my studio.
I finally saved up some money and we rented out the meadows for our wedding.
We even had enough money left over for a deposit on a house
Audrey got a job in Ict.
I actually examine and treat patients now. This boy needed a shot and he was quite brave too.
Talking of kids, I will soon have one of my own.
There is so much paperwork involved in this job, I have to log everything.
Audrey is becoming great at programming
She also loves to play Video games
I am now allowed to x-ray patients.
11 (2)
Audrey had a home birth, Meet my daughter Rose.
She is adorable and she loves to eat.
Soon she was a Toddler and a silly one at that but she is a little cutie.
Rose spam because she is just so cute.

Me and Audrey both got promoted
I had to test some tissue samples
Audrey got promoted again.
She also made a plugin and got some money for it