Round 11, Family 3- Crazen

I enjoy dancing

I also like to keep in shape

Mum practised her lines

I soon had my birthday. I am now erratic

I want to improve the world

I did some recycling

Mum had a gig

She is becoming quite famous

she also got a promotion

I started of thinking of new ideas then drew them out on my tablet

I repaired the computer

I went jogging

Mum cleaned

She also had her birthday

Round 10- University Part 2

Hi, It’s George here, I am at Uni with my girlfriend and her sister and its going well, I do get a lot of homework though.

I prefer presentations

My girl, she likes to make friends with everyone.

I love Bel so we got married

I did some repairs

and i practised some soccer

Round 10, Family 16- Nakamura 3

My wife treats little Sunnup like one of ours despite her unique arrival

Max and Mabel love to dance

Sunnup can be a handful sometimes

she enjoys blocks play

My wife started toilet training her

she completed her aspiration

had her birthday

and got a promotion

My daughters also had their birthdays. Mabel is a slob who wants to be a nerd brain. Sunnup is a genius who wants to be a rambunctious scamp.

My wife enjoys doing woodwork

Max enjoys being creative

My wife put out a fire

she repaired the radio

and the fridge.

Round 10, Family 4- Jackon

I did some cleaning

My wife worked on her writing

I danced

I bathed Peaches

Oscar had his birthday and is squeamish

My mum enjoys making snowpals

Oscar loves the snow too

The boys are good students and always do their homework

We soon had a surprise on the way

Emily did some repairs

Oscar danced

Emily got promoted

Mum comforted my son.

Round 8, Family 1- Frost

One of the twins decided to try cooking then forgot about the food, luckily my brave daughter was around to put the fire out.

My youngest loves to pretend to be a pirate searching the world for treasure

Jenni likes to keep fit

As does Rina

She also loves to play video games

I had to do some repairs around the house

I also went to visit my Rose and spent some time with my adorable granddaughter.

Rina became a young adult and moved in with her boyfriend Bernard and his family so hopefully I will get some more grandchildren.

She also got a job in Technogly

I enjoyed diving in the pool

My Jenni has started dating too, a young man by the name of Nobuya, they love to go on dates in the park.

James has started dating too, meet Ira.

My wife enjoys going out with friends especially to festivals, she loves to see if she can get the top scores in the virtual gamer.

Todd plays educational games on the computer

Audrey got promoted and even got her own personal gaming mat.

Round 7, Family 14- Yoshida

Hello and Welcome, I am Shingo, I am clumsy; lazy and a Glutton and this is my girlfriend Jane.

I joined the Culinary career

I proposed to Jane and we got married at the Rose Venue so we could fit all of Jane’s Family in, her brother and his wife and all her cousins Alice, Alec, Aric and Adam and their families.

Jane wants to be a journalist so got a job as a writer

She started writing a book

We had some fun

Jane was soon pregnant

me and Jane both got promoted

I repaired the stove

I started learning Gourmet Cooking

My daughter Saffron was born

I went to the Flea Market with my sister in law. I brought a lamp for Saffron’s room. I watched some people sing and also did some karaoke.

More Promotions

Saffron became a toddler and she’s going to be a handful

Some pictures of Saffron because she’s adorable most of the time, Doing Flashcards with Jane before throwing a tantrum because she was bored with them, playing dolls, using the slide and story time. She also loves to be swung round and tossed in the air.

Jane is becoming quite Famous.

Round 7, Family 6- Nakamura

Welcome back, Last time,  I got promoted. Adam became an Young Adult whose now married and a father of three.

Alec and Aric are now Young Adult’s too.

They invited their Girlfriends over to celebrate.  Alec and his Girlfriend Molly moved in together and Rose moved in with me and Aric.

Rose and Aric got engaged

Rose started writing her first novel.

She then had to repair it

We has to rent out the new Rose Haven venue for all our family. There was my eldest Son Adam, His wife Beatrice and their three kids, Barbara, Neil and Nathan. My Step–daughter Alice and her Husband and Five children.  Then their was Rose’s parents and her five younger siblings. Then their was my niece and Nephew Jane and Jamie and their partners. 

Aric got a job as a Secret Agent

I went swimming

I repaired the toilet

Rose got promoted

Rose and Aric still love to go on dates at the local park and clubs

Aric achieved his aspiration

Rose was soon pregnant

some repairs

Aric and Rose love having water balloon fights

Aric played the guitar

I got promoted

I also mastered Gourmet Cooking

Aric and Rose both got promoted

Aric loves the slip n slide

Soon my grandchild was born. They called her Octavia.

Despite hating children, Rose loves her daughter and is the first one there to sooth her needs and cries.

Aric got promoted

I Achieved my Aspiration

Round 7, Family 5- Forest

Welcome back, Last time I became a Teen and took over the family story. Dad died and my older brother Toby moved out after he married Robyn.

Molly loves to cook

Mum did some repairs

Molly had her birthday party at the Stargazer Lounge and is now a Young Adult.

She joined the Criminal Career.

Mum bonded with the bees

Molly went swimming

She painted

She also played in the rain

I went to Karoake with Toby

I played Basketball

I also met some new people and made some friends working on my aspiration

mum did some painting

I started Dating too, Meet Ariel

Mum got promoted

Molly gets into fights a lot

She has a bad reputation now and gets some unique oppurtunties

Mum died of old age

Molly got promoted.

Round 7, Family 3- Crazen

Welcome back to the Crazen’s, Last time, The twins became Toddlers. me and Loren got engaged, The triplets became children and Cody became a toddler.

Loren works hard on his Programming.

The Twins become children.

Me and Alice went to the new lounge and met some celebs. I even took a selfie with one.

I started Potty training Cody

Loren did some repairs.

I played With Cody

Cody enjoys building with the blocks.

Me and My big sister Molly went to Visit the new gallery and I had fun looking at the sculptures and paintings.

I made a Snow pal with Cody

I had fun ice-skating even if I had a few mishaps and falls

Loren got promoted

He also made a mobile app

I did some cleaning

I went out for Lunch with my friend Lucille.

One of the triplets enjoyed making a snow pal

The twins were inside. Cora was playing the violin and Cara was her Audience.

Cody became a child so no more toddlers

I decided I wanted to get into acting

I made a snow pal with Cody

I repaired the Fridge

and the bath

I actually got my first part on a commercial.

I got promoted

I started learning the Guitar for my next audition

Round 7, Family 1- Frost

Welcome Back, Last time, Jenni achieved her aspiration, Todd Became a toddler,  Rina started a fire on her science table and also became a Teenager.

I decided to further develop my youngest by doing flashcards with him whilst the older children were busy with their school projects and hobbies.

I would really like to know who keeps smashing up the dolls house, it upsets the other children after all. At least I gained handiness from fixing it.

Audrey loves playing video games and is great at it too, she managed to master the skill, hopefully it will help her get promoted.

I am doing well at work. I delieved my frist baby and can now perform operations on patients, not bad for someone with no degree. ssh don’t tell my patients that.

Rina loves to swim and is always in our pool.

Todd is a very sociable toddler and always calls his brothers and sisters over to play with him.

James is a great help around the house and even cleans up without being asked.

Soon it was Movie Premier Day. The whole family actually sat down together to watch the movie even little Todd.

I have been cooking so much for the family that I managed to master the skill

Soon my Youngest too was a child. He is quite Confident and likes to explore and have fun.

With all the kids at school now and my wife at work for long hours, I got bored again and started going on some dates. I did achieve my aspiration though and I am now a player.

Audrey is doing really well at work and soon received a promotion. She even got a free computer so our old one can finally be upgraded.

Soon it was time for another birthday. We threw a party at the bowling alley and Jenni became a Teenager.

Rina has started dating too, a Boy by the name of Bernard Barbosa.

She also loves to work out in the new home exercise suite.

Jenni did some grilling and gained some cooking knowledge.

Todd loves swinging across the monkey bars. Sometimes he even jumps off.

The Tv decided to break down so I had to fix it.

Soon it was time for birthdays and lots of them so we booked out the stargazer lounge so we could fit all the family in. I am now an elder, the twins are teenagers and my oldest is a Young Adult. Where did the years go.

I decided to retire so I could spend more time with the kids, they are getting so old now and with my grandkids when they arrive. I hope Todd fills this house right up again.

Rose got a job as a Writer.

Rina worked out