Round 4, Family 11- Gherda

Hi, there, I am Khaled, and this is my wife Holly. We recently married. I don’t know why she feel in love with me, I am a geek, get sad easily and can be quite Squeamish but she did. Maybe it was my jokes, I want to be a Comedian after all.
Holly wants to become a famous drinks gal, so she joined the culinary career whilst I got a job in the entertaining business.
I need to be funny with some people, so I visited the local bar not knowing it was Aliens night, that was an interesting experience let me tell you.
This is our new home, it was all we could afford so is quite open plan with just the bathroom separated from the rest of our humble abode.
We had no computer, so I headed down to the local library to research and write jokes for my job.
Holly was soon pregnant, and I wondered how we could afford a baby, but I didn’t let Holly see my worries.
I love to lay down with her and just watch the sky and show her all the interesting clouds up there.

Holly is making friends here, she befriended Audrey at a parenting seminar. Audrey has five children, so Holly says is full of good advice. I don’t know why Holly worries so much, she is the eldest of four herself after all.
I got another promotion

My old friend from the children’s home called and we went out to the bluffs, it is quite beautiful up there, I enjoyed catching up and also going for a swim.
We needed some new objects for work, so we decided to sell the tv. We then brought a cheap computer and bar, so we could work on our tasks for work.
Holly was soon promoted.
Just in time too, we needed to build a nursery as our son had arrived.
We didn’t have enough funds yet, so little George just slept in his crib outside the bathroom.

We both soon got promotions and started building a room for when George became a toddler.
I soon received another promotion
Little George had his birthday and became an adorable toddler who I can tell is going to be fun and full of energy.

At the moment, the upper floor is just a big open floor area, but we did manage to get a bed, potty and some toys for little George from our bonuses. George loves exploring up there, but we have to keep a close eye as he loves to run around with no clothes on.
Holly got another promotion
She also announced she was carrying my 2nd child.
Holly couldn’t get George to put his clothes on, but she did manage to start toilet training him.

She also had to repair the toilet.

Author: samanthaohalloran

Hello everybody, and welcome to my blog, My name Samantha. I work with kids, and in my spare time, I enjoy playing Sims and reading. I love playing with sims and doing challenges. I have quite a lot.

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