Round 10- University Part 2

Hi, It’s George here, I am at Uni with my girlfriend and her sister and its going well, I do get a lot of homework though.

I prefer presentations

My girl, she likes to make friends with everyone.

I love Bel so we got married

I did some repairs

and i practised some soccer

Round 10, University Part 1

Hi, It’s Anabelle and I am doing well at University. I did my homework at the club after some I did some dancing to let off steam.

I mostly eat my meals at the commons and I also get some socialising in too

I also joined the Art Society and we have lots of meets where we get to paint and talk about our art styles.

I have also made some good friends too.

I also make sure I practise for my games. I don’t want to lose my scolorship after all.

I even got a promotion

i did some cleaning

and some debating.

Round 10, Family 17- Chauhun 2

My wife has decided to become a lawyer

she filed some motions

I played some chess

my wife repaired the sink

The children worked on their school projects.

I had my birthday

Me and my wife both got promotions

The twins are now teenagers. Hazel is mean Helena is a foodie.

Caitlin also had her birthday.

Round 10, Family 16- Nakamura 3

My wife treats little Sunnup like one of ours despite her unique arrival

Max and Mabel love to dance

Sunnup can be a handful sometimes

she enjoys blocks play

My wife started toilet training her

she completed her aspiration

had her birthday

and got a promotion

My daughters also had their birthdays. Mabel is a slob who wants to be a nerd brain. Sunnup is a genius who wants to be a rambunctious scamp.

My wife enjoys doing woodwork

Max enjoys being creative

My wife put out a fire

she repaired the radio

and the fridge.

Round 10, Family 9- The Chauhun’s

Mum took Lily to the vets

she also did some cooking

and repairs

I got into University, I will be studying Culinary Arts

I worked on my homework

Dad died of old age

I did my term paper

Lily had fun playing

Mum even turns dog walking into exersize

Me and Cora got married

Lily enjoys rolling around in trash.

Cora was soon pregnant

I repaired the fridge

Cora worked on her presentation

and term paper

she enjoys dancing.

Round 10, Family 1- Frost

I enjoys working out

I also love video games

I still takes care of Phoenix

My mum loves virtual games

Mum loves to play with Phoenix

She also helps with his care when I am not around

I sent in my Application to go to Uni, I wonder if I will get into the degree course I want.

I am doing well at school

I adopted a cat Ginger

Mum died

Ginger and Phoenix get on well

I got accepted into most of the courses.

Round 9, Family 20- Roswell

Hi, I am Eugi, This is mine and my wife’s new home.

I love to fish

My wife likes to cause mayhem.

We like to go on dates to the beach

I catch better fish there

I cooked some dinner

Ebony got promoted

We play chess together

Ebony was soon pregnant

I went fishing

Me and Ebony both got promoted

Soon Ebony went into labour and our son Edgar was born.

Round 9, Family 18- Murakami

Hi, I am Nobuya, Me and My Wife Jenni had a beach wedding then decided to stay, here is our new home.

I decided that I would help keep the island clean and thriving the one over the water, we wouldn’t be living there, it had a giant volcano and no electricity or plumbing.

My wife cooked us some dinner In our new kitchen, I hope she doesn’t burn down the place.

I enjoy fishing, it’s so relaxing

Jenni loves to make drinks for the locals

We both got promoted

I also like to go fishing off the boat

More promotions, soon we will be able to upgrade the house.

People just love to dump trash

The water is just so great to swim around in

We both got promoted again.

Round 9, Family 16- Nakamura 3

We finally had enough money so we got a new more spacious home

I decided to chose a new career

Molly enjoys dancing

I have been feeling quite unwell lately and have put on quite a bit of weight

Mabel enjoys pretending to be a pirate

I soon found out why I felt so weird, I had been pregnant with an Alien. I decided to call her Sunnup.

I did some dancing

Maddox became a child. He likes to make trouble.

I got promoted

Fun in the snow

Molly got promoted

Sun became a toddler, we got her some body makeup and contacts for when she is outside but let her be herself inside and when she’s old enough will let her decide if she wants to hide her true self or not.

I had to repair the fridge

Molly did some woodwork

I got promoted

Sun likes to nap on chairs

Molly went out dancing

Sunnup loves to dance too

I started potty training her

she likes to play with blocks

Round 4, Family 4- Jackon

Hi, Welcome back, Last time, the twins became children and Lucille started writing.
She is quite good too and is already halfway through the skill

The twins love to go to the local park to chat and met new friends, they don’t even care how old they are so my wife goes to ensure they eat and stay safe. They also recently learnt to fish and quite enjoy it.

The children love doing school projects.

Me and Marge both got promotions
Marge is now in her forties
Lucille is a big help with the cleaning

She soon celebrated her birthday and became a beautiful young Adult who loves dogs,

She invited her boyfriend over, he’s a bit older then her Akito and they started being romantic, I was glad Marge was working and the kids were at school with what she was wearing. They also got engaged.
Marge completed her aspiration so should meet our grandkids even if I don’t.
She also mastered cooking

Soon it was time for Lucille and Akito’s Wedding. They decided to have it in the park in the city. They then moved in together, I am going to miss Lucille, I have known her since she was just nine and we did become quite close over the years.
The twins returned from the wedding and ran straight to the dolls house to act it out.
Marge choose a new aspiration
She then joined the culinary career

She still does repairs around the house, I am quite bad at it, always cutting myself or getting electrocuted.